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We may have a fiddler? At practice last night we made a ruckus with a potential new Bruce. We're pretty excited about it. More news on that to come.

Big weekend coming up. Two back to back shows in St. Augustine and Gainesville. Should be a grand time. See ya's soon!

The 2013 St. Patrick's Day Season 

The day is almost upon us my friends: a day of song and rejoicing, a day of glorious celebration, a day that we Bruces look forward to with the same eager impatience as an eight-year-old at Christmas time. That’s right, St. Patrick’s Day is almost here!

The season officially kicked off for the Bruces this past weekend with an elbow-room only night at good ol’ Ann O’Malley’s, followed by our premiere appearance at the St. Augustine Celtic Music & Heritage Festival on Saturday. The weather was… Read more

Behind the Scenes: January 20th recording session 

 As I know that many of you are eagerly anticipating the release of the first volume of “How to Sing Like a Bruce: a 5-disc introductory course on the manly art of singing drinking songs,” I’ve decided to share this little behind-the-scenes nugget so you can witness the process of creating a masterpiece. Enjoy.

Stay tuned for more videos as recording progresses. And in the meantime, come out and catch the Bruces live at Ann O’Malley’s in historic St. Augustine this Friday (the 25th) from 8:30… Read more

Welcome to 2013, the Year of the Bruce 

Well, December 21st, 2012 has come and gone and, as far as I can tell, the world is mostly unchanged. There were no showers of fire and brimstone, no eruptions of long-dormant super-volcanoes, no incoming comets or asteroids, the oceans did not boil and the earth did not split. There was no great apocalyptic BANG.

In times like these, when we are confronted with, not calamity, but simply more of the same, there are two inevitable thoughts that come to our minds. First, it looks like we will have to… Read more

Have a Groovy Halloween 

It seems like it’s either feast or famine with the Bruces. We are back at Durty Nelly’s again THIS WEEKEND (November 2nd and 3rd), and then the following weekend we are heading to St. Augustine to lead a horde of buccaneers in song at the 2012 Pirate Gathering.

Anyway, here are some highlights from our last Nelly’s weekend, in case you were unfortunate enough to have missed it:
  • Friday - worst soundcheck in Scuttered history, I (Michael) spilled my beer, and we played to a packed house
  • Saturday… Read more

The Boys are Back in Town... 

Well well well...long time no see. I bet you thought Scuttered the Bruce had disappeared off the face of the earth, eh? Well you can’t get rid of us that easily; we stick around like that old facebook profile picture of you as an undergrad, shirtless and chugging beer from a funnel--you know, that one that keeps reappearing no matter how many times you untag yourself, the one your girlfriend’s parents saw the second you unadvisedly accepted their friend requests.

September was an odd month for the… Read more

Fiddler’s Green 

First off, we had yet another great weekend at Durty Nelly’s. We got to play music for many of our favorite fans, celebrate a few birthdays, harass a group of girls out for a bachelorette party, and give our friend Julie Dickson and her party of orange-shirted drunks the opportunity to make fools of themselves onstage. But of course the real story of this past weekend can be summed up with one word: Chang.

A couple weeks back, Todd posted a “Fiddler Wanted” ad on Craigslist and one of the responses we… Read more

Get Ya Some Bruce 

Attention Gainesville: 

As you may know, this is the first week of August. In most places that doesn't mean a whole lot, but here in Gainesville, it means two things: first, half the population is loading their second-second-hand furniture they plucked off the corner of 20th and 34th last year into U-Haul trucks in the rain, and second, the other half of the population is saying farewell to their mommys' and daddys' houses and those girlfriends/boyfriends that go to different schools but I swear this year… Read more

Don't let the rain get you down 

Feeling down and a litte dreary from all this rain? Have you been cooped up too long in your house, staring out the window? Well, we have two reasons why you should accept, even embrace the rain. The first is that we are in desperate need of the moisture--have you heard about how low the springs have been running lately? Let's just hope they are getting as much rain in Georgia so that our aquifer might get somewhat replenished.

Sorry, I got distracted.

What I meant to say was that we should all… Read more

Cinco de Mayo Weekend 

Just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone who turned out this weekend to sing along with us Bruces, especially to Ed and his daughter up from Fort Myers, our man Matt from Austin, Lisa and her lungs, and Patrick Pogue and friends. We had a fantastic time singing and playing for you all and can't wait to get back to Durty Nelly's for more Bruce-fun on June 1st and 2nd. In the meantime, be sure to check out the rockabilly madness that is Hollowbody Hellraisers at Durty Nelly's on May 18th. Which… Read more

Get your Bruce on!


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